Full Course Programs


Course Name Duration (Training Days)
Geospatial Intelligence Analysis Course (GIAC) 80 days (4 months)
Fundamentals of Radar Image Processing and Analysis Course 20 days (1 month)
Advanced Radar Imagery Intelligence Analysis Course (ARIITC) 20 days (1 month)
NATO-based Multi-Sensor Analysis Course (NMSAC) 15 days (3 weeks)
General Intelligence Training Course (GITC) 60 days (3 months)
Targeting and Battle Damage Assessment Course (TBDAC) 40 days (2 months)
Joint Targeting Course (JTC) 80 days (4 months)
Point Precision Mensuration Certification Course (PPMCC) 10 days (2 weeks)
Tactical/Operational Air Reconnaissance Course (TOARC) 40 days (2 months)
Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment (IPOE) 15 days (3 weeks)
Ground Surveillance Course 10 days (2 weeks)













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