Advanced Airborne Collection Systems for Manned-Aircraft and UAV Systems

Providing sophisticated data collection solutions for a wide range of ISR mission profiles and commercial applications.


Today and tomorrows sensor technology has become more compact and lightweight, yet retaining, if not exceeding technical specifications normally associated with with larger and costlier systems. 


As part of ImStrat's complete geospatial offerings, carefully selected collection systems partners have been chosen by our Geospatial Subject Matter Experts (SME), who provide highly advanced capable systems are part of our ISR integrated solutions.


The data collection systems cover the complete electromagnetic spectrum of imaging systems and capabilities. These include:


  • Wide Field of View Photogrammetric Imaging Systems for both Natural Colour and Near Infrared
  • Long Range Oblique Photographic (LOROP) Imaging system
  • Wide Area Motion Imaging (WAMI) systems
  • Full Motion Video, Optical and Thermal Infrared
  • Hyperspectral Imager's - Manned-Aircraft and UAV
  • Thermal Imager's - Manned Aircraft and UAV
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) - X, L and Ku Bands
  • Weather Data Systems
  • Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)