Geospatial Intelligence Analysis ProgramsGeospatial Intelligence Analysis Programs

The key to success for a Geospatial Intelligence Analyst is training and experience. ImStrat offers both within all of our courses.

The strict standards of our training programs combined with the proper balance of lectures and exercises ensures all students walk away with an ability. While at the same time they can capitalize upon having access to some of the most experienced and highly trained instructors available today.

The Geospatial Intelligence Analysis Programs are all designed in a block fashion. On average each course block is 5 days long. However, the length of training can be expanded to suit the clients' needs.

These individual course blocks are normally intended for analysts with previous training. However, the course blocks can be used to formulate a full course program which meets a specific requirement for students with no previous analysis training.

Geospatial Intelligence Training Blocks

Course Name                                                                     Duration (Training Days)
Fundamentals of Imagery Analysis 5 days
Digital Image Processing and Analysis 5 days
Target Database Development 5 days
Civilian/Urban Infrastructure 5 days
Lines of Communication 5 days
Map and Land Navigation 5 days
Handheld GPS 5 days
Military Terrain Analysis (GIS) 10 days
Ground Force Analysis 5 days
Conventional Tactics and Operations 5 days
Electronics Systems Analysis 5 days
Air Defence Systems Analysis 5 days
Air Force Analysis 5 days
Naval and Maritime Analysis 5 days
Intro to Targeting and Battle Damage Assessment 10 days
Weapons of Mass Destruction 5 days
Ballistic Missile Systems 5 days
Electric Power Production 5 days
Heavy Industries and Fabrication 10 days


If you require assistance in formulating a full course program, please contact us at 1-613-257-5940 or via email at