Management Programs

In order for a Geospatial Intelligence Organization to work successfully, the managers and supervisors of the organization must have a comprehensive understanding of what Geospatial Intelligence Analysis is and how to effectively manage personnel who are responsible for the analysis. ImStrat offers the management level a series of essential courses which will provide the necessary knowledge to conduct day to day operations within a Geospatial Intelligence unit.

Intelligence and Geospatial Intelligence Analysis - A Manager's Perspective:

This 5-day course is designed to introduce the concepts and analytical methodologies used in the production of Geospatial Intelligence Analysis products to management level personnel.


Geospatial Intelligence Management:

This 10-day course is a participative session for middle management intelligence professionals that examines effective intelligence management in support of the operational geospatial planning process.

The Psychology of Intelligence Analysis

This 5-day course is designed to introduce the fundamental understanding of the psychology of intelligence analysis. It will discuss the actions normally used within the thinking process, mental tools used for better intelligence thinking, and cognitive skills and potential biases within the intelligence analysis process. Points will also be raised upon how intelligence analysis can be improved on and what psychological standards one should look for in a human resource selection process. 

Management Training Programs

 Management Programs

Course Name                                                                              Duration (Training Days)
Intelligence and Geospatial Intelligence Analysis – A Manager's Perspective  5 days
Geospatial Intelligence Management 10 days
Psychology of Intelligence Analysis   5 days







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