Predictive Analytics Software


Introducing …Total::Insight™ from Larus Technologies

This revolutionary Decision Support System is the next generation “predictive analytic” multi-sensor and multi-source system software solution. Total::Insight™ is backed by more than 10 years of research and development. Total::Insight® and patented advanced learning algorithms continually improve the quality of information in order to optimize situational awareness for intelligence and public security personnel. It can be embedded and licensed for use within your organizations existing hardware and software infrastructure. The implementation takes place in weeks and includes training to get your improved operational results quickly.


How Total::Insight™ works

Using computational intelligence, advanced learning techniques, prediction and high level information fusion capabilities, Total::Insight combines and analyzes the information from a variety of sources. Sources may include passive and active sensors, existing trackers and correlation, as well as other data sources (e.g. ranging sensors, video cameras, weather reports, operator reports, web pages, social media i.e. Twitter). This enables Total::Insight to sift through vast quantities of data to capture complex relationships which result in learning and the real-time recognition of patterns, events and anomalies to always produce the most accurate information possible and to perpetually optimize situational awareness for decision makers.