As our client’s requirements evolve, ImStrat Corporation is committed to providing leading edge “actionable intelligence solutions" that meet or exceed our client’s expectations. Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions require many components for making effective decisions. Organizations/agencies require collection or persistent monitoring systems such as UAV systems. Equally important is operational training for intelligence and GEOINT analysis to understand the context of threats toward national security and public safety.


Since its inception, ImStrat Corporation has trained thousands of personnel in GEOINT and intelligence analysis. Now more than ever, the world is “swimming in sensors and drowning in data.” 


ImStrat is in a unique position to offer its existing and new clients our unique training program and solution offering to address this ongoing challenge. We can provide end to end solutions or point solutions. Our end to end solution can range from standalone UAV system, UAV operational training, choice of sensor with training, imagery analysis training incorporated with spatial / non-spatial analytic training for your intelligence decisions.


ImStrat Corporation is strategically positioned to offer your organization(s) / intelligence agency personnel unique and comprehensive ISR solutions. We offer tools, training, software and experience to empower your personnel to make the best actionable intelligence decisions”.