Intelligence & Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Training Support Programs

"Proven and Professional"

ImStrat Corporation provides a complete range of Intelligence and GEOINT training programs to clients around the world. These internationally recognized programs are known as the most in-depth and professional courses on the world market today.


From Theoretical to Actionable

Through ImStrat's rigorous training programs, students not only receive theoretical knowledge, but also the practical hands-on ability to produce actionable intelligence products.


Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

The primary focus of all training courses is on practical hands-on exercises. This ranges from digital image processing to the production of a whole series of actionable geospatial intelligence products. Albeit, baseline intelligence analysis products, multi-temporal/sensor change detection products, targeting solutions, post-strike BDA or 3D GEOINT visualization products.


Your Needs are Covered

All courses are not only "off the shelf" and available immediately, but can also be customized to fit your specific requirements and region of interest.

High Training Standards

All Course Training Plans (CTP's) have been professionally produced to the highest standards using Canadian, NATO and ImStrat's own internal guidelines.


Advanced Technology

ImStrat incorporates only the most advanced geospatial intelligence technologies in all of its courses. 

Intelligence and Geospatial Intelligence Training Classroom


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