Our Team

Tom Last

President & CEO


Principal and co-founder of ImStrat Corporation, Mr. Last has over 20 years of experience in advanced multi-sensor geospatial intelligence analysis. He possesses extensive knowledge and experience in advanced geospatial, radar, imagery intelligence techniques, in combination with intelligence product development, and related training and development in support of: strategic and tactical joint force combat operations; maritime surveillance operations; arms control verification; weapons proliferation; land and littoral surveillance operations; advisory services to political and economic leaders; counter-insurgency initiatives; and; emergency services for both military and civilian activities.  He is a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces with extensive training and knowledge on Joint Deployable Intelligence and Security Systems, Intelink-C and Linked Operations Intelligence Command and has worked closely with the Canadian imagery intelligence community and with Allied military and intelligence agencies. Mr. Last has served as an advisor to the Canadian government on geospatial intelligence matters and continues to serve in this capacity as required.  Mr. Last possesses nearly 30 years of experience in human resource management and is responsible for the leadership and management of ImStrat. The President and CEO received his formal education at Algonquin College in Ottawa.  


Instructors/Intelligence Analysts


Matt Owen

Training Manager / Imagery Intelligence Analyst


Mr. Owen has more than 23 years of military service as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces in varying capacities, involving areas such as training, targeting, IMINT, support to field operations, and counter-terrorism initiatives. He spent 3 years as the Canadian Defence Attachés Assistant in Indonesia. He has direct operational experience in the Former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, as well as training experience as part of the Defence Imagery Training Squadron, developing and delivering the UAV full motion video analysis course, along with other imagery intelligence analysis courses.


Rob Shaw

Instructor and Imagery Intelligence Analyst


Mr. Shaw possesses more than ten years of expertise in the area of imagery analysis with the British Royal Air Force, working with both tactical and strategic systems, including the Tornado Recce Exploitation Facility (TREF), Joint Recce Pod (JRP), Geospatial Imagery Exploitation System (GIES) and the RAPTOR (DB-110). Mr. Shaw Completed CFIAC 01/07 with the Canadian Forces as an exchange student from the British Armed Forces and enjoys excellent relations with allied and global colleagues.


Hilary Last

Office Manager


Ms. Last currently manages all of the operational and administrative requirements for ImStrat, reporting to the President and CEO. She works closely with the executive team to develop strategic partnerships, business and other agreements, including liaising with legal counsel on a range of security and other issues as required.